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Flour bond is a compression aid which is used during the production of pellets . Depending on the manufacturing process, it can be added in a dosage of between 0.5 and 2% sawdust . Adding Flour bonding strengthens the bond between the wood particles , increasing the yield and the quality of the pellets and reduces the manufacturing cost considerably . These benefits are confirmed by test series.

Adding Flour bonding produces a higher bond strength between the wood particles during the manufacturing process of the pellets. The proportion of fines is reduced, and need not be re-supplied to the manufacturing process. Thus, the throughput can be increased at constant power consumption and hardness of the pellets is increased.

Durability of pellets - reduction of fines in consequence of mechanical movement during transportation and use are the fines , one of the biggest problems in the handling of pellets dar. For national use of wood pellets , most countries have standards introduced which the maximum proportion fines pretend . For industrial use is the physical durability of great importance. If 2 % Flour Bond used, the proportion of fines is reduced to 0.6% (without use of Flour Bond: 1.2% fines ) . Bond flour improves the hardness of the pellets up to 15 %. The optimal dosage of Flour bond is between 0 and 2%. The addition of more than 2% has no significant effects more on the hardness of the pellets. Ash melting behavior depending on the quality of the wood used , the ratio Ca / K be influenced ( without any negative side effects on aspects such as slagging ) . Since different types of wood must have also various mineral compositions to be mentioned that the influence is very difficult to predict the ash fusion temperature with respect to the type of wood and quality used .


Harder pellets
Longer shelf life
Less wear of the pellets
Higher production yield
Lower energy consumption during production
Reduced wear of the dies
Allows the use of different sawdust mixtures
Suitable for both the consumer and the industrial sector
Replaces completely alternative binders such as starch or rye flour
Low consumption at low cost
Problems such as slagging be minimized
Reduced dusting

  • weight: 20 Kg